Why we love manicures at Spruce House

We’ve all heard of them, most of us can’t go a month without having one, and they are probably one of (if not) the most popular treatments that beauty salons offer…manicures. Gone are the days when manicures were a pre-holiday treat, or a one-off appointment you made before a wedding, for a lot of us, they’ve become a staple event in our monthly diaries.

It’s no surprise that the ladies at Spruce House pride themselves on their manicures, after all, they are one of their signature treatments. Amongst the amazing range of treatments available, there will normally be either a woman or a man sitting in the client’s comfy white chair, happily indulging in an enviable manicure.

What are manicured nails?

There’s a reason why manicures have become one of Spruce House’s signature beauty treatments – setting the standard of the “British manicure”, using the most professional tools Navy, combined with Elim spa products. Having nicely shaped, smooth, cuticle-trimmed nails plays a large part in it, but there’s more to it. The Spruce girls effortlessly transform your nails in one visit. Imagine your nails were like Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality (pre-makeover), the magic these Spruce ladies work will leave you walking out that door with hands like Sandra Bullock post-makeover, in other words, you will be amazed at the finger tips you leave with. As a client, you don’t have to understand or know what the Spruce ladies do, all that’s important is how you’ll feel and look at the end of the manicure treatment.

Once you’ve told your Spruce beautician whether you’re opting for gels or polish, she can start the manicure treatment dependant on your choice. Gels tend to be the most popular, but it depends on your personal preference. Say you’ve gone for a gel manicure, one of your hands will be laid in their whitening illuminating soak, whilst your other hand is being clipped and filed following the conversation you’ll have had about how you would like your nails shaped. If you have longer nails, your Spruce beautician will recommend having them shortened as the gel will protect and act as a shield, helping your natural nail grow underneath. Once filed and shaped, it’s time to swap your hands around. After both have had their soak and shaping treatment, the ladies will pay close attention to your cuticles, involving a trim, a buff and a general tidy up.

Then it’s time for the special touch of luxury. They perform a thermal exfoliating scrub on each hand, stimulating nails, cuticles, hands and the skin, it gets the whole hand’s blood flowing – it’s amazing how soft your hands will feel afterwards. Once the gel is applied, you’ll be given a blissful hand massage, and to finish, a spritz of gold shimmer. For your gloss, you can choose from the beautiful range of shades, gels will last up to three weeks, no chipping, fading and are fairly hard wearing.

Why we love manicures

Treating ourselves is emotionally important, unwinding from the daily stresses we face. We’re slowly learning to embrace the treatments that make us feel good about ourselves. A good manicure isn’t just about how your nails look, a good manicure is much more, and done right will have an amazingly positive effect on your well-being. Whilst sitting in the hot-seat, you can sit back and relax, and enjoy being pampered, no work, house-chores or other distractions of everyday life. A Spruce House manicure combines sparkle with a careful, thorough treatment, leaving not just your hands, your fingers and finger-tips feeling rejuvenated, but also your mind. With an abundance of pressure points in our hands, a special massage will release any unwanted tension, it’s relaxing and therapeutic. We all appreciate some ‘me-time’, and indulging in a special manicure treatment is the perfect way to treat yourself.

Once you feel good on the inside it shines through on the outside. The ladies at Spruce House make it their mission to make every client feel like a million dollars, no matter the size or length of your treatment. By the time you leave the salon, you’ll be admiring your transformed hands, their sparkliness and softness, not to mention the extra skip in your step.

Treat yourself and get booked in for a manicure at Spruce House in Norwich, you can call them on 01603 627527 or email hello@sprucehouse.co.uk.