What makes a great beauty salon in Norwich?

Norwich, as the sign says, is a fine city, and it is filled with unique shops, cobbled streets, cosy cafes and there’s no shortage of beauty salons. Spoilt for choice as a shopper it’s often tough to decide which salon to visit. For me, the only time I’d been in a beauty salon was around 10 years ago for my 17th birthday, my mum bought me a spray tan…that trip put me off going into any other salons for the years that followed. However, just over a year ago, a friend recommended Spruce House specifically for facials on this occasion. Just after my first trip to this special beauty salon, I became a fully devoted customer – which is amazing considering I never thought my head would be turned back to salons. But, with plenty of choice on the old and new streets of Norwich, what makes Spruce House a worthy contender…

Firstly, the atmosphere is relaxing and chilled. As soon as you step through the little yellow door into this beauty salon in Norwich, the interior is stylish, smart and has a certain something that just puts your mind at ease – I think the chilled music beats really help. With beautiful Norwich-themed wall art dotted around the salon, it’s easy to see that Spruce House are a proud Norwich business – which is a pleasure to admire. There’s a definite element of cool, chilled vibes; the décor on the walls, hanging plants, bougey stylish furniture and even the loo is lovely with the little golden pineapple light cord. You can tell that this beauty salon really cares about attention to detail.

Their attention to detail isn’t limited to the beautiful interior. Being a monthly visitor for my pHformula facials, I know when I’m going that it’s 2 hours in my month where I will be looked after. Claire shows amazing attention to detail in making sure that my treatment is as relaxing as possible, whether that’s through the luxury golden padded blanket; cosy warm electric heated bed; or a glorious hand massage whilst my treatment is on. Pedicures are the same, the fluffy chairs are super comfy, and the inbuilt massager really helps relieve any knots and adds a little something extra whilst you’re sitting back, waiting for your feet to soak.

When you visit a beauty salon, half the reason why you’re likely to return is down to the professionals (and the other half being the treatment you received). The ladies at Spruce House always greet you with a warm welcome, taking your coat and offering you a drink – this is what I mean with as soon as you step through the door, it’s like you’ve stepped into their world and they’re ready to let you relax and they’re genuinely pleased to look after you. Maybe I’m wrong, but with some beauty salons, they look so pristine and shiny from the outside, it’s sometimes more of a turn-off as it can sometimes look less inviting. This is not the case at all with Spruce House, like I said, I was hooked after my first visit – I felt welcome from that start and have done ever since.

Located in the heart of Norwich, easy to get to if you’re driving or in Norwich, this little beauty salon is in a lovely location, and it suits it marvellously. Close by to independent shops, Spruce House salon is amongst the stylish and sophisticated. Being Cathedral end, it’s perfect if you’re going straight out for a bite to eat or a cheeky drink. Plus, the variety of beauty treatments these girls offer, we’re spoilt for choice! It’s great when it comes to Mother’s Day or Christmas pressies. I stock up on beauty vouchers and when I take my Mum or Gran, like me, they thoroughly enjoy themselves, loving how they’ve been pampered and admiring the girls’ handy work.

Spruce House is definitely a beauty salon that ticks all the boxes, I can’t wait for my next visit!