PhFormula Skincare Home Kit

When you’re scanning the shelves at your drugstore, you’ll see the endless variety of exfoliating, deep clean cleansers, toner tonics, toner sprays, moisturisers galore, the list goes on. Each brand promises it is suitable for a certain skin type, sensitive to combined, and some say they’re effective on all skin types. Having problematic skin makes it a chore of a challenge to find the right treatment, when you’ve got a whole range of skincare needs, you want to find something that will tackle each one. Plus, most of us don’t have endless amounts of cash to keep spending on products that aren’t actually doing anything to improve our skincare.

As much as my facials at Spruce House are important, my PhFormula homecare journey has also played an essential part. It’s been a year long journey so far, we’ve faced many challenges, from t-zone oil overload, blotchy redness and of course the occasional white headed pimples, or “friends” as we like to call them. Each hurdle of imperfection has been tackled with the appropriate product. After a Spruce treatment, Claire, my PhFormula specialist recommends a specific product to use at home which would help reduce redness, or attack the blemishes or simply provide the extra moisture my skin was looking for.

Let me run through my daily routine:

PhFormula G.E.L Cleanser:

I’m not exaggerating when I say, this is the holy grail of cleansers. I use it morning and night. I only realised when I didn’t use it whilst being on an impromptu night out without it (note to self, always keep a mini tube in my bag just in case) what a difference it makes. All cleansers claim they rid your face from dirt and excess oil, this cleanser will leave your skin fresh and grime-free! You can really massage the gel into every part of your face. My troublesome areas are my chin, around my mouth area, nose and the nose corner crevices. With the Gel Cleanser I can give my full face a good massage whilst focussing on the awkward areas. Plus, you know when you’ve got a pimple, and you’re resisting with every inch of your willpower not to squeeze it, sometimes i’ll have one pre-wash, and after I rinse my face with warm water, the pimple is no more! A victory for the Gel Cleanse!

PhFormula A.C.T.I.V.E Formula

Once I’ve cleansed my face in the morning, I follow up with the A.C.T.I.V.E and focus on my problem areas. It contains two ingredients that I’ve noticed appear on multiple beauty blogger sites praising the effect they have; retinol and salicylic acid.  The formula is designed to normalise all skin disorders, so for me, it’ll work on the excess oil and sebum, and particularly on my nose it’ll treat my enlarged pores. Although I’m a little too young to worry too much about wrinkles right now, I’m not far off, and they do say the earlier you start to treat your skin with the effective wrinkle-busting care the better – I love that the A.C.T.I.V.E is designed to treat those unwanted lines, what a bonus!

U.V protect SPF 50

I’d read a lot in the past about how important a strong SPF is for protecting your skin against sun rays. I have a big tube of U.V protect SPF 50, which provides superior protection against UVA/UVB, I use this daily in the morning, and it’s become my go-to moisturiser, lightweight yet effective.

CC cream spf 30

Having congested skin, prone to break outs, makes choosing the right make up for my face a difficult task. Foundation is a definite no-go for me, instead, I use PhFormula CC cream. After a week of drinking gallons of water and low/nearly no chocolate and cheese consumption, I’ll have brighter and clearer looking skin, and I’ll apply the CC cream just to level out my complexion. Even on those break-out days, the PhFormula CC cream makes my skin appear smoother and less angry with redness, and you know what, it doesn’t leave my skin feeling clogged and restricted like some other BB creams can.

SPOT ON blemish active

This little tube of magic is my go to in the evening once I’ve cleansed, it’s another treatment that contains salicylic acid. I squeeze a little dot of gel either on my finger or on a cotton bud and pop it into the pimple and blemish areas. I’m lucky with my skin that I don’t suffer with nightmare acne breakouts, but, it is by far flawless, so the SPOT ON gel is an essential product in my toiletry bag. When I’ve over indulged on chocolate, or maybe a bit of Brie or Port Salut, this will often result in a spotty break out – then I’ll use SPOT ON in the morning too.

SOS rescue cream

Now, the SOS cream is my final step usually in the evening, but sometimes I’ll apply it if my skin’s feeling dryer than normal. The blemishes and spots are frustrating, but my dry skin can be such a nuisance when it comes to products, particularly in the colder months. The SOS cream is a superior moisturiser I can use when my skin needs a stronger burst of moisture, and it protects it from the harsh temperatures.

I know, I know, I use multiple products, which to some of you may seem excessive or a faff. I’ve suffered with acne-prone, sensitive skin for over the last ten years, and only now, in my late twenties have I found products make a noticeable difference – that’s it, I’m hooked on PhFormula. I’ll be welcoming some other products to my skincare regime soon, so look out for my tried and tested and see what makes the cut.