LVL Lashes

Hi Lovelies,

Spruce house guinea pig reporting for duty. This week is all about the amazing treatment we know and love as LVL lashes.

Spruce house is one of the few Norwich salons offering this treatment and I thought I would take you through the process step by step. I am a bit funny about eyes so was a little wary of this but the lure of fluttery lashes 24/7 was just too great.

First off you need a patch test, Spruce House are nothing but safety conscious about the treatment with it being centred around a delicate eye area. Simply pop into Spruce House Norwich at least 48 hours before your treatment and they will sort a patch test. If you have no reaction huge lashes are a go- go!

The aim of the treatment is that your lashes are pressed around a curling shield on your eyelids while bonding formulas are applied to the lashes. They are then dyed and once your lashes are removed from the shield with be formed in that beautiful curled shape (from the shield)

For the LVL lash treatment you’ll be lying comfortably on a table in one of their lovely treatment rooms and at this point, you will have your lashes cleansed with eye makeup remover and cotton. The lashes are also cleaned with a Protein Remover Pad to ensure no oils or residue are present before the treatment. You will then have some under eye pads applied to your lower lashes – purely to prevent them getting caught up in the treatment…. just like an eyelash tint, it’s comfy and just ensures your lower lashes are pressed down and don’t get curled!

There are several sizes available and Spruce House girls will determine what suits you best – I went for the small for a more intense lift-  but you can go medium or large for a less intense lift especially if you already have long eyelashes.

Once the curling shields are applied the magic will begin. A light layer of bonding gel is applied using a small tool to gently press the eyelashes back – this will gently pull each lash backwards to stick them and thus forming the curve. This does feel odd, but not at all painful and for someone like me who hates her eyes being touched I can promise this isn’t an unpleasant experience.

Next a lifting balm is applied – time left on really depends on the hair type…. a chance to lie back and enjoy a hand & arm massage whilst the balm is cooking – you can drift off or chat lightly with the girls.

Once the lifting gel is removed the next step is a volumizing Fix. A cream that is applied in the same way, this time to repair the disulphide bonds in the lashes (the fancy science bit!), fixing them into place in the shape you want them – a curvy gorgeous shape hopefully!

And the final treatment, the tinting process. Tinting the lashes to give them a greater depth of colour. The tint is left on for as long as the spruce girls think necessary.

Once this was done my lashes were curved and beautifully tinted – Olivia used a mini brush to remove excess dye, added a hint of moisturising serum and the shields removed. I was left with a quite frankly INCREDIBLE lift that I didn’t expect… no mascara needed and it honestly lasted a good 7 weeks (for me, it can be as long as 8!)

I highly recommend this treatment for anyone wanting the bigger lash without going down the extensions path! Simply give the Spruce House girls a call via the contact page and they will be happy to talk you through any procedures.

Until next time xx