Benefits of coming to Spruce House

 Sit back, relax, put up your feet, enjoy some time to yourself. What could be better than coming to Spruce House Norwich… we delve into whether its an essential or a luxury (personally, we think it’s both)

So, is going to the salon a luxury, something that can be put down when the purse strings need to be tightened or is it something that is worthwhile investing in for health and body benefits?

Good Skincare

Your skin is the largest organ of your body, it protects from environmental nasties and just as we should be looking after our insides, so we should be looking after the outside. Skin regenerates itself on roughly a 4-week cycle. So, in 4 weeks the cells of your skin move from the bottom of the epidermis to the surface of your skin. The epidermis also slows loss of moisture from the dermis (the lower layer) This lower layer is made up of collagen and elastin; by keeping it hydrated you keep your skin more elastic and ideally, younger looking. Therefore, a proper skincare routine is so important. By coming into Spruce House, Norwich we can recommend a unique skincare regime that helps your skin stay healthy and revitalised with 5 all important steps.

  • Cleansing (we have a blog on this here)
  • Exfoliate
  • Tone or Freshen
  • Moisturise
  • Foundation

Custom recommendations are part and parcel of our daily appointments and none are more important than our bespoke skincare packages. We exclusively stock pHFormula in Norwich,Norfolk and no two facials are ever the same. Meaning that by visit us you get a custom package to ensure you keep your skin in tip top condition. (you can also purchase items from us that cannot be bought online or anywhere locally)

How are our skin treatments of benefit? Well, it’s a bespoke facial; combining and targeting different troubled areas. pHformula is a personalised system, not one size fits all! most pHformula treatments are not timed, instead are left on the skin to self-neutralise. for best results, some treatments may require us to prep the skin before your appointment. See some examples below of our consultation packages.


A course of four is recommended for best results. an active and effective, skin resurfacing solution treating the typical signs of ageing such as photo ageing, dull or sallow appearance, superficial and medium expression lines. advanced mask is included, preparation is required.

Acne Prone or Congested Skin
A course of four is recommended for best results. this active solution effectively penetrates the pores to assist in dissolving imperfections and helps control microbial proliferation in acne prone skin. it offers anti-inflammatory benefits, along with strong keratolylic action to help neutralise problematic skin. advanced mask is included, preparation is required

Chronic Redness

An active and effective complex for chronic redness, sensitive and rosacea-prone skin. these treatments specifically formulated with antimicrobial activity to help reduce redness and prevent relapses. advanced mask included, preparation is required

Hyper pigmentation
A course of four is recommended for best results. a powerful blend of active ingredients, unique formulation in the form of a clay base which assists in the even and rapid penetration of the actives. this treatment is most appropriate to help achieve superior improvement of hyper pigmentation spots in all skin types. advanced mask is included, preparation is required.

Radiance Boost
Maximum Vitamin C concentration is achieved using a highly absorbable medium. an advanced system which addresses the early signs of cutaneous damage. this treatment helps to strengthen the skin’s collagen and elastin network. the perfect pick-me-up for a party, pre-holiday, or just a sparkly boost!

Access to products

Hair styling – While a box dye is a cheap, efficient way of colouring hair… for so many it ultimately ends in a trip to a hairdresser or salon due to an unforeseen disaster. Seeing a hairdresser can be of real benefit – decreasing the chances of damage to your hair from over processing, a good cut to keep ends healthy and whole and a colouring process with the right advice to keep it lasting for as long as possible. You’ll also be able to access products you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to purchase on the high street.


Self-care is good, self-neglect is bad. Taking some time to relax each day can have measurably positive effects on your health.

High stress is bad for you full stop and if left to build up can lead to all sorts of side effects: headaches, anxiety, interference with hormone production, stomach issues, immunity, periods and more. Relaxation and self-care are good for you. It reduces stress and generates positive impacts in its own right. Relaxation can reduce blood pressure, reduce tension, pain, mood and concentration. While we can’t guarantee you will leave us completely stress free we do our best to ensure you appointment is filled with relaxing and good self-care. We will also give you lots of tips on how to look after yourself at home. So, book in for something delicious like a massage and help encourage the production of the body’s “feel-good” hormones, like serotonin.

So, there are just a handful of reasons why visiting can be so good for you – if you’d like to know more please give us a call, we can’t wait to see you. Love the Spruce House girls x