Cosmetic Treatments

Spruce House is home to one of Norfolk’s leading cosmetic clinics. Led by Pam Cushing MSc RN, specialising in facial aesthetics – semi-permanent treatments and non-surgical cosmetics. This includes: skin resurfacing, dermal fillers, cheek augmentation and botox.

All treatments are long- lasting, professional and tailored to each client to ensure a result that is lasting, personal, natural and inspires self- confidence.

To find out more about the cosmetic services we provide please contact us.

Botox (per area) from £200.00
Nefertiti neck lift from £350.00
Excessive sweating injections from £400.00
Dermal fillers (per syringe) from £200.00
Lip augmentation (per syringe) from £190.00
Cheek augmentation (per 2ml) from £350.00
Dermaroller treatment from £250.00
Face from £60.00
Body from £100.00
Mesoglow (per vial) from £220.00
Medical skin resurfacing
(Includes pre and post care products) – course of 6 recommended
from £575.00
PRP “Vampire Face Lift”
with hyaluronic acid
from £350.00
from £450.00
Silhouette soft threading (per thread) from £350.00