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What makes a great beauty salon in Norwich?

Norwich, as the sign says, is a fine city, and it is filled with unique shops, cobbled streets, cosy cafes and there’s no shortage of beauty salons. Spoilt for choice as a shopper it’s often tough to decide which salon to visit. For me, the only time I’d been in a beauty salon was around […]

Benefits of coming to Spruce House

 Sit back, relax, put up your feet, enjoy some time to yourself. What could be better than coming to Spruce House Norwich… we delve into whether its an essential or a luxury (personally, we think it’s both) So, is going to the salon a luxury, something that can be put down when the purse strings […]

PhFormula Home Kit

When you’re scanning the shelves at your drugstore, you’ll see the endless variety of exfoliating, deep clean cleansers, toner tonics, toner sprays, moisturisers galore, the list goes on. Each brand promises it is suitable for a certain skin type, sensitive to combined, and some say they’re effective on all skin types. Having problematic skin makes […]

Up close on cleansing

Up close on cleansing: With the change in weather your skin will be exposed to all the things that it is naturally unprotected from and as the largest organ of our bodies, it is vital you take care of it. Spruce House Norwich is an exclusive stockist of pHFormula and one of our favourite products is […]

Gel Nails 101 From Spruce House – The Power of the Gel!

As Spruce House beauty tester I’m a convert… I’ve been having gels religiously for the past year and they make such a difference to me… as mum to a toddler, with a deep rooted love of a freshly painted nail, they provide the perfect solution – because right now I just don’t have the time […]

LVL Lashes

Hi Lovelies, Spruce house guinea pig reporting for duty. This week is all about the amazing treatment we know and love as LVL lashes. Spruce house is one of the few Norwich salons offering this treatment and I thought I would take you through the process step by step. I am a bit funny about […]

The Lady Gardener

Hi Lovelies, Let’s talk about lady gardening today and I don’t mean a potter around the garden- weeding and planting roses, I’m talking about the topiary and up-keep of your precious lady bits. I promise I wont beat about the bush with giving you as much information as you’d expect from Alan Titchmarsh. I appreciate […]

Hello! Let me introduce myself…

Hi Lovelies, I just wanted to introduce myself to you as the Spruce House treatment tester. In an attempt to #Sprucemyself (let’s make that a thing) I offered to post some blogs over the course of the next few months letting you know what each treatment entails, giving you a behind the scenes (BTS) look […]

New website

Welcome to the new Spruce House website, designed to give you much more in depth information about our services, pricing and latest news. Be sure to bookmark our site and revisit us regularly for upcoming offers and events.