Beauty Treatments

Our experienced and professional beauty team provide a full range of treatments for both men and women: manicures, pedicures, waxing, lash lifting, massage, facials and everything in between.

A full consultation will be given to all clients prior to any treatment; guaranteeing you leave with a spring in your step and a sparkle to your skin. (all mani-pedi treatments are finished with a gold shimmering spritz)

To find out more about the beauty services we provide please contact us.


We use Jessica polish and Geleration, a high-quality gel lasting up to 3 weeks without chipping; drying instantly with a silky super shiny finish.  Jessica is a very kind brand, helping the natural nail breathe.

Jessica Manicure with gel (Includes file cuticle work, exfoliation, gel, massage) £36
Jessica Manicure with polish (Includes file cuticle work, exfoliation, polish, massage) £28
File & gel £26
File & polish £21
Removal (Gels only) includes removal, file, buff & shine £21
Top up gel £21

It’s more than a standard beauty pedicure and just under a chiropody treatment. Spruce house “medi pedi” is our signature treatment.  A callus removing tonic is applied, removal of hard skin, along with an indulging treat with our footspa & massaging chairs. Complete bliss!

Spruce House  medi-pedi with gel (cuticle work, toe nails are clipped filed & shaped, gel applied & massage) £41
Spruce House medi-pedi with polish (cuticle work, toe nails are clipped filed & shaped, polish applied & massage) £31
Simply soles £26
File & polish toes £21
File & gel toes £26

All our hands and feet treatments are finished with our signature gold shimmering spritz!

Full consultation

A bespoke facial combining and targeting different troubled areas. pHformula is a personalised system, not one size fits all! most pHformula treatments are not timed, instead are left on the skin to self neutralise. for best results, some treatments may require us to prep the skin before your appointment.


A course of four is recommended for best results. an active and effective, skin resurfacing solution treating the typical signs of ageing such as photo ageing, dull or sallow appearance, superficial and medium expression lines. advanced mask is included, preparation is required.

 Stage 1 £76
 Stage 2 £81
 Stage 3 £86

Acne Prone or Congested Skin
A course of four is recommended for best results. this active solution effectively penetrates the pores to assist in dissolving imperfections and helps control microbial proliferation in acne prone skin. it offers anti-inflammatory benefits, along with strong keratolylic action to help neutralise problematic skin. advanced mask is included, preparation is required

 Stage 1 £76
 Stage 2 £81
 Stage 3 £86

Acne Prone or Congested Skin – Teen and Student prices

 Stage 1 £56
 Stage 2 £61
 Stage 3 £66

Chronic Redness

An active and effective complex for chronic redness, sensitive and rosacea-prone skin. this treatments specifically formulated with antimicrobial activity to help reduce redness and prevent relapses. advanced mask included, preparation is required

 One off treatment £66

Hyper pigmentation
A course of four is recommended for best results. a powerful blend of active ingredients, unique formulation in the form of a clay base which assists in the even and rapid penetration of the actives. this treatment is most appropriate to help achieve superior improvement of hyper pigmentation spots in all skin types. advanced mask is included, preparation is required.

 Stage 1 £76
 Stage 2 £81
 Stage 3 £86

Radiance Boost
Maximum Vitamin C concentration is achieved using a highly absorbable medium. an advanced system which addresses the early signs of cutaneous damage. this treatment helps to strengthen the skin’s collagen and elastin network. the perfect pick-me-up for a party, pre-holiday, or just a sparkly boost!

 One off treatment £66

Brows & Lashes
Hey girl it’s all about the brows!

With all our brow treatments we brush, wax, tidy and finish with a soothing cream. This is followed by a tinted cream to cover reduce reddening.
We only use Lycon Wax which is gentle for the skin.

Brow tint £11
Brow tidy £11
Brow wax and tint £16
Lash tint £26
Lash & brow tint £31
Lamination brow £36

LVL lash lifting.
WOW Girls!

We lift and lengthen your natural lashes from the root finishing by tinting them.  The LVL Lash Lift gives you the appearance of longer, lifted, fuller volumed lashes.

We highly recommend Revitalash for home care which can be purchased.  It helps your natural lashes grow longer & stronger.

So you have longer stronger lashes with enhancement with LVL creating a false lash look but your own natural lashes!  It really does work!

** Please note, a patch test is needed 24hrs before your first appointment

LVL lashes treatment £63


Hot Waxing

We use Lycon hot wax applied directly to the skin. First, we apply an oil to the skin so the wax sticks to the hair rather than the skin. Lycon wax removes all the fine tiny hairs too!  You won’t feel a thing.  This is always used for intimate waxing such as Brazilians and Hollywood.

Underarm £16
G string – A high wax no hair removed from intimate area £23
Brazilian – Removing all hair apart from the landing strip! Front & back intimate areas £36
Hollywood – Removing all hair from front to back £41

Lycon Hot Strip Waxing

An effective way of removing us wanted hair. A longer lasting alternative to the standard shaving; a perfect way to removed unwanted.

Half leg wax £21
Full leg wax £31
Full leg wax & bikini tidy £36
Standard bikini £23
Underarm £16
Forearm £21
Lip £10
Lip and chin £16
Brow Wax £16
Nose Wax £16
Arm bleach £16

We thread facial hair including: lip, chin & sides of face, please be aware we choose not to thread brows; instead perfect brow accuracy & regrow with wax. This gives a smoother longer lasting finish

Lip or Chin £9
Lip & Chin £16
Side £16
Full Face £31
Back neck and shoulder massage (30 mins) £31
Back neck and shoulder massage including backs of legs (45 mins) £46
Hot Stone Massage (40 mins) £46
Hot Stone Massage (60 mins) £56
Back Scrub and Massage (75 mins) £56
Deep Tissue Massage (40 mins) £41
Deep Tissue Massage (60 mins) £51

Spruce House Packages
The perfect pamper to spruce you for all occasions & the perfect gift!

“The Express Spruce”
Gel manicure & Gel medi- pedi
Eye lash tint & brow tidy (lip /nose option)
**Test patch needed
Standard Bikini wax (Hollywood /Brazilian £20 extra)
Please allow 2hrs 30 mins

“The Pure Pleasure “
Gel manicure & Gel medi-pedi
Ph formula spruce house signature facial
Brow tidy
15 minute back massage

Please allow 3 hrs

“The Ultimate Spruce”
Gel mani & Gel medi-pedi
LVL Lashes (please note: test patch needed)
Brows nose optional
Back, neck and shoulder massage
Ph formula Spruce House signature facial

Please allow 4-4hrs 30 mins


The “Make up” package

Bridal Make up £120 (includes 1 trial)

**If travel required this will be charged on distance

Bridesmaid/Mother of bride £35

Hair can also be added for your special day – please contact the salon for pricing

Other custom packages include:

Pre-wedding prep
Hen do party
Girl gang
Mother & daughter
Prom prep
We can provide fizz, nibbles and exclusivity to the salon. Please call us to discuss requirements.

Hopi Ear Candle Treatment £31
Soles of Feet £26
Celluma Light Therapy £26

Cancellation Policy

Whilst we appreciate that at times it maybe necessary to cancel appointments we do ask for at least 24 hours notice so we can try and fill your booking slot.  In the event of less than 24 hours notice or a missed appointment we reserve the right to charge a cancellation charge of 50% of the treatment fee if we are unable to fill your time slot.  We also, with your permission, send you a reminder of your appointment the day before your appointment.